112 133 214 69 ( **Fast link 3** ) ) - This is an new IP address for Tndte. This IP is use to students who are going checking results easily. This IP is only made for result purpose. Already three to four websites have been introduced by TNDTE. But result time all portals could be opening due to technical and heavy traffic issues. So they have to planned IP.

Before more number of IP address was implemented by DOTE. The complete lists are given below:-

1. 112 133 214 75

2. 112 133 215 74

3. 112 133 214 68

Now above IP's aren't use for Tndte students and examiners. Because the portals are still not working well. So they will paling to declare and release new IP for results i.e. If result is out for above Internet protocol they generate exact URL as same as below page. Nonofficial - Intradote.co.in

IN Feb 2023 - ( Last exam )

IN Aug 2023 - ( Both Diploma and Typewriting result).


If URL is not found or something else please leave your comment on below page. Our admin will reply for your message.