Msbte result 2022 winter, Msbte result winter 2021, Msbte result winter 2020 by enrollment number, Msbte result w19 online,, – Dear Maharashtra state board of technical education students are  you completing theory and practical examinations in April, November, December and May month. So Ms Bte result is expecting on June first week respectively. But some times result date is maybe change. So my dear students please visit and watch our site daily i.e. web link.
Update 31-Aug-2021:
As per academic calendar 2020-2021, the result date is publishing on Aug Final week. But previous year they were declared Aug 31, 2021. Now we can also expecting result is April 04, 2021. Here the date is tentative. So the students are checking officials and contact your exam cell.
Update Dec 28, 2019:
The exact date is not yet announced by MSBTE. But we can expect msbte result date on second week of Jan 2020.
Update Jan 02, 2020:
Maybe date will be postpone to 09 to 10th January. Anyhow we will inform on before result date i.e. 09-01-2020.
Update Jan 03, 2020:
If Msbte winter result is out we will notify or inform here. 
Update Jan 04, 2020:
Whereas, officials are already declared result date on this week i.e. January second week. But exact results are sill not yet released.
Update Jan 05, 2020:
The official will have updated result date is few days at So students are stay tune here.
Update Jan 06, 2020:
My dear students, the result date is confirming on Jan 09, 2020 at website or 
Update Jan 07, 2020:
The students are ready to seeing your results at server. 
Msbte FAQ's:
1. When will I see winter 2019 result?
Ans: Jan 07, 2020
2. Where Did I find result w19?
3. If result is out, the server let be down. What I do?
Ans: Here we have two servers i.e. Online Msbte, Msbte org in
Result date
AUG 31, 2021
Official site

In above tabular column said when will publish result and other detail easily. If suppose the students are not understand above tabular please comment or mail us. Which departments are we will update result status on below paragraphs.

·        Mechanical
·        Civil
·        Automobile
·        Elect
·        Comp
·        Entc
·        IF
·        IE
·        PT
·        TX
·        CH
Msbte First sem result 2020
Msbte 1st sem result 2020 – Maximum first year students are expecting result data has fast. Because they will be entering and writing newly on Engineering.
Msbte Second sem result 2020
Msbte 2nd sem result 2019 – This time students are writing on even semester i.e. 2nd 4th and 6th semesters.
Msbte Third sem result 2020
Msbte 3rd sem result 2019 – This is second year students. Already they had know how to write exam well. So they will also expect result date as fast.
Msbte Fourth sem result 2020
Msbte 4th sem result 2019 - Here fourth semester is a second year subjects. But second year students are all know how to write theory and practical examinations well.
Msbte Fifth sem result 2020
Msbte 5th sem result 2019 - Now this is third year students. Maximum third year students are well to write the all examinations. 
Msbte Sixth sem result 2020
Msbte 6th sem result 2019 - Msbte will plan to publish result as quickly on this time. Because Sixth sem students are going to company or next well after the result. official website @ 2019-2020
Now this website is updating from all news about Maharashtra state board of technical education, Mumbai and Pune. Where 2018, Msbte have only one website i.e. But still now MSBTE will make a another website is called as Msbte org in. Here Tndte site will publish all details in below page.
Edu board      : MS BTE
Place              : Pune
Purpose          : Result
Semester type : Even
Semesters       : 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th semesters
Date               : April 16, 2021
Link               : Working
How to view their MS BTE results 2019 in Winter?
1. Go to

2. Select Result tab as well as below image.

3. Choose Winter 2019 result tab
4. Finally entered your register number or enrollment number in given field.
Update May 11, 2019:
The result date is confirmed by The complete lists are updating from 15-May to 20 May. So we are wait until 20th May, 2019 for Msbte updates.
Update May 30, 2019:
The result date is announcing from June first week. Maybe Msbte result will publish June second week. The date is tentative only. Which department students were having written in summer examinations. the complete lists are enclosing by below page.
Update June 01, 2019:
My Dear Msbte students, results will be delaying on this time. Because the old server is not working now i.e. So they will configure server until June first week. So we will expect result date on June second week surely.
Update 11-June, 2019:
The Msbte students, summer result will be declaring on 15-June-2019 at msbte org in official BTE site.
1. Civil Engineering
2. ECE
3. EEE
4. Mechanical engineering
5. Plastic engineering
6. Computer Engineering
7. Computer Technology
8. Construction technology
9. Information Technology
10. CSE
11. Digital electronics
12. EVE
13. Industrial Electronics
14. Medical Electronics
15. Electrical Power systems
16. Vocational diploma in Fashion technology
17. Carpentry and Interior decoration
18. Building construction
19. project management and building construction
20. Automobile
21. Landscape architecture
22. Interior designing and decoration
23. Environmental Architecture
24. Medical laboratory technology
25. Agricultural engineering
26. Fire safety and Industrial Environmental engineering
27. Architecture
28. Pharmacy
29. Rubber Technology
30. Surface coating technology
31. Hotel management and catring technology
32. Travel and tourism
33. Marine engineering
34. Leather Technology
35. Leather goods and Footwear technology
36. Food technology
37. textile manufactures
38. Textile technology
39. Kniting technology
40. Garment technology
41. Fashion and clothing technology
42. Printing technology
43. Mining and Mine surveying
44. Metallurgy
45. Packing technology
46. Production technology
47. production Engineering
48. Plant engineering
49. Machine tools and maintenance engineering
50. Fabrication engineering
51. Electrical power systems
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