www tndte gov in result 2022 date Jan – The Tamilnadu directorate of Technical Education (DOTE) had been conducting senior, junior typewriter examinations on February month. The typewriting languages are Tamil and English. And also a student can participate lower and higher. If students can join lower they will go to minimum 6 month of typewriting class. If students can join higher they will go to minimum 6 month of typewriting class. In addition, typewriting is an most important for all candidates like a 10th standard, 11th standard, 12 standard and degree holders. Because the government were recruited typewriters in all time. Anyhow the typewriting results important for all peoples. Mostly TNPSC candidates are wants to Typewriting certificate. What are types of typewriting exams? 1. Senior and Junior. 
Update November 29, 2021:   New
Results will be out November 29, 2021 (Today). But the TnDOTE server is let be down between 26-11-2021 to today. Day by day Result date is changing shorthand correction. Because of more number students who are failing these examinations. So DOTE will try to give grace marks for all students. Students are ready to checking result on this weekend. Valuation process have been completed. DOTE will publish result after 45 days. Almost the date will be soon. Anytime results will show on this screen. In Order to result will come on November 14 as soon as possible. 
Update Oct 2021:   
The Result date is announcing soon on official due to correct papers.
Update Oct 24, 2021:   
Technical Examination will correct the papers until Oct 31, 2021.
Update 23 Oct 2021:    
Today all Technical educations will verify all institutions papers. So students and viewers can visit daily our portal will get information at any time. 
Update 20 Oct, 2021:
The valuation process is going on 22 to 31 Oct 2021. The complete valuation details will update in below page:-
Typewriting exam valuation   - 22-10-2021, 23-10-2021 and 24-10- 2021
Shorthand exam valuation      - 27-10-2021 to 31-10-2021.
The exact date will be update in future i.e. this weekend or month end. Because of valuation is starting between one to two weeks.
Update Oct 18, 2021:
The Results are postpone to this month end. Here we will update daily on our web portal about type writing result and announcements. This month end results will come surely. So students are waiting or watching this page regularly. 
Update 23-Sep-2021: 
Typewriting association will have finish exam on Sep 28 2021. This time TN will take seriously to be correcting the papers. Because Tntcia has been already delaying examinations. The result is delaying some technical issues here. And we are trying to get and seeing results on this page. Now a days all students wrote online only. So the results are easily can see their officials. Typewrite results Feb 2020 is published at tntcia site. The Typewriting institute were completed Examination and corrections. But the tamilnadu government will take to time more than 150 days. So they are requesting letter to government in July 20. So results are coming soon on their website in few days. Tndte Typewriting result 2021 will be announcing on this month end. Because students were awaiting more than two months. So 31 October 2021 will be out result immediately. Now all students who are waiting to check typewrite result 2020 on this month. Finally we will get a result on tomorrow onward. The correction process were have been completing on before March 20th, 2020. But they couldn't be uploading the data on still today. Maybe result is publishing from today evening at 06.00 PM. The valuation has been completed on March end. But they had not uploading data files still today. Maybe the staffs will go to work after April 20th, 2020. My dear students, 15th MAY DOTE can publish result on 10. 00 PM. Hi Aspirants, tomorrow DOTE will be go to publishing results on 10 AM. The results are sending via 112.133 tndte IP or your college. So students can check out result either IP or your notice board on college. December 22nd DOTE will be declaring results surely at intradote website. The website and other details are all enclosing on below files or pages. Moreover result database should be completed. Yes, The examinations are fully completed on previous month i.e. November 2019. So the result is belated on this month. The exact date is Apr 10, 2020. If you have a doubt about result date and other details please contact us or comment us. The result process is still under going on. All department and all schemes result are publishing from IP. Maybe result will be delaying from 15 Days i.e. April 10 to April 15. Anyhow we have announcing result date on before August 15, 2020.
Update 31-08-2021:
My dear students, the examinations corrections has been started on today. And it will be finishing more than one month i.e. June 08 to July End. The complete details are enclosing by given paragraphs.
Date of Examinations : September 2021
Centre                          : Chennai 113
Subject                         : Typewriting
Result Date                  : check here
Link                              : Available (below paragraph)

Update Twenty Nine-Nov-2021:
Hello viewers, the result date is announcing from Nov 29th on 02. 00 PM (tentative). If result is out we will sent results at your E mail ID.
Update 17-September-2019:   
The tncia result 2019 date is confirmed by TNTCIA department on yesterday. The official result date is September 21, 2019. For more details please mail us i.e. intradote@gmail.com.
Update 22-Sep-2019:  
The type write result is publish on September 25, 2019 at 5.00 PM.
Update 24-Sep-19:  
All my dear candidates, the result date is changing from September 25 2019. So students are searching result at September 25 at intradote.co.in web. The respected students are trying results in below websites like a,
1. TNCIA result 2019
Update Sep-25-2019 (07.40 AM):   
The Dote was confirmed result date on today at 05.00 PM. The organization will be publish results at official sites only. And also we have put register number box as below page.
Update September-26-2019 (06.50 AM):   
Unfortunately Yesterday TNDTE results were not published. Because the server has been not found due to heavy traffic. So result is postpone to today 03.00 PM. 
Update Sep 27, 2019:   
The server was unfortunately down on yesterday i.e. Sep 26. So result date is changing from 27. The shorthand and typewriting results are updating on today 05.00 PM surely.
Update 27-Sep-2019: (09.40 PM)   
Finally, the result date is revealed. In last year DOTE has been declared results on September 28th at 10 AM. So this time also we will expect result date on tomorrow 10 AM.
Update 29 -September-2019:  
The Final date is now conformed by official on  Sep 29 i.e. Today 10 AM. 
Update 29-Oct-19 (10.00 AM to 03.00 PM):  
Hi Friends, the result date is publishing on 30 i.e. Oct 30th (10.00 AM to 03.00 PM). 
Update 31-Oct-2019: (06.00 PM RESULT or TOMORROW Morning 10. AM)
The result data base is now updated. Finally, the result will be publish on today i.e. 31st. But 30th October web portal couldn't be opening properly at this stages. The original result date has been announcing on news paper at October thirty. In addition, they will upload and update status quickly on tncia site. So today we can check the result of tntcia. The websites lists are given below:-
Update 13-Augu-2021
The result is publish on August Second weeks @ 10.00 AM surely.
The examinations lists are,
1. Shorthand High speed
2. Shorthand Junior and Senior
3. Accountancy
4. Typewriting Junior & Senior High speed, Pre-Junior
Update 10-Jan-2020  New gif
The results are postpone to 10th January due to some reasons. All students are ready to download your results here. The Results will be publishing on 27th. But overall results are only available in official site. Individual and Institute results are coming soon on their web site. The diploma candidates didn't getting results please mail us. All students are requesting you to please give your register number and Date of birth in result time. If result is out we will be sent your result data via your mail ID.
Update Nov, 29- 2021:
The corrections were have completed. The complete data lists and centers are uploading for this day i.e. November 29, 2021 (Tentative).
Official site Links
1. www tndte com
2. tndte result Apr
The result links couldn't be opening due to technical issue. So please students are giving your register number and DOB in our mail id.
Result Date is confirmed BY DOTE: (Nov 27 , 02.00 PM)
Update 18-April-2018:
The Tndte GTE results are published on today. The students are checking results at intradote.co.in web server only. A student can must be entered register number on below page. Then result is opening for next window.
Update 18-April-2018 (05.36 PM):
Dear TN peoples the Tamil Nadu typewriting results 2018 were having published at www.tndte.gov.in website. The official site could not opening due to over traffic. So students please wait and view your results at below page.
Update 08-Oct-2018 (12.16 PM):
The Tndte typewriting result august 2018 is publishing on Oct 12th, 2018. Check result link as given below.
Update 09-Oct-2018 (02.57 PM):
Tndte type writing result is confirmed by tndte on 12th, October 2018 at intradote.co.in
Update 12-Oct-2018 (09.33 AM):
Hello candidates, today 5 PM tndte will publish senior and junior typewriting results at tndte.com website.
Update 15-Oct-2018 (06.00 PM):
The result date is postpone to tomorrow i.e 16-Oct-2018
Update 19-Oct-2018 (08.43 AM):
Sorry for inconvenience delay from result date. The result date is not yet confirmed by GTE. But typewriting result 2018 will be expected on tomorrow i.e. 20-Oct-2018.
Update 20-Oct-2018:
Typewriting Result is published on today.
Update 11-Nov-18:
Tndte result Oct 2018 is published on December 21, 2018 at www.tndte.com website link.
Update 21-Dec-2018:  
Sorry for inconvenienced to publish tndte results 2018 on today. Maybe the result date is postpone to Tomorrow i.e. December 22, 2018.
Update 24-Dec-2018:   
Dear students, December 28th 2018 will be published tndte result at intra dote server.
Update 02-Jan-2019:  
Dear candidates, Tndte will publish result on this weekend surely. And yesterday NDTV had got an information from Tndte, Chennai. They have told result data is fully updated. Maybe we will be declare result on this weekend i.e Jan 03rd 2019.
Update 03-Jan-2019:  
Tndte result Oct 2018 is published.
How to view or check Tndte type result 2019 Feb?
1. Go to www.tndte.gov.in 
2. Choose Typewriting result 2019
3. And choose Institute or individual result
4. Finally result will be viewing same window.
Tntcia result 2019:
Dear viewers, the tntcia result announcing on this month end. So visitors are keep visiting our site regularly to be getting latest news immediately. And TNdote will be deciding to publish result at IP i.e. or COA result page. Maximum Type result is announce on this month end.... Now all TN viewers are searching internet for when will be declared tndte typewriting result 2019?. Here we will be give a solutions from tn Dte shorthand result 2019.
Update 01-April-2019: 
Dear viewers, Tn Dte Typewrite result will be declaring on this weekend or second week beginning. So visitors who are visit our site daily. 
Update 07-April-2019:  
Dear students the tndte web portal is opening from next week. The students who are viewing results at following boxes..
Update 11-April-2019: 
Today Tndte will publish Typewrite shorthand and accountancy result on evening 06.00 PM. All Tamil typing and English typing results are available here. 
Update 12-April-2019: 
Hi My dear students, sorry for inconvenience to delaying type result 2019. Today the date was confirmed by DOTE. The Result is sharply published at 12.00 PM.
Update 12-Apr-2019: 
The result date is postpone to tomorrow i.e 13-Apr-2019 at www.tndte.com web portal.
Update 14-Apr-2019: 
The GTE result data is fully updated in official TNDOTE web link on today. But result server is showing an error due to heavy traffic. So students who are checking results between today 12.00 PM or 5.00 PM..
Update 14-Apr-2019:  (10.42 AM)
Where Tamilnadu directorate of Technical education is continuously updated students reports on everyday. But now the Tn elections are still going on. So result date is postpone again. May be result is publish on today 03.00 PM or next day 10.00 AM. If result is updated we will update or inform quickly here. Stay tune...
Update 15-Apr-2019:  
Really very sorry to saying for Tndte students. Since DOTE was updated result date is April 12, 2019. But still now the result is postpone again and again. And result server is could not be loading due to heavy traffic. Maximum Today i.e 15-Apr-19 10.AM or 16-Apr-19 10.AM result will be published.
Update 16-Apr-2019:  
More number of students who are searching when will publish tndte result 2019 on internet daily. In report 2018-2019 schedule, dote was mentioned 12-April-2019 results will be published. But still now the results are not be published. Maybe the results are announced on today 10.00 AM or 12.00 PM.
Update 16-Apr-19: (**Fresh Update**) 
The Tn elections are coming on April 18, 2019. And also a Tamilnadu twelfth result is out for April 19, 2019. So Result is confirmed on Today evening 09.00 PM or tomorrow Morning 06.00 AM.
Update 17-Apr-19: (05.30 AM):  
The result date has been too long to published on this time due to technical issues and TN elections. So result date is delay for this time. And students and viewers who are worried about the result date. Here we have provided all news and all updates in daily periods. Maybe today April 17, 2019 06.00 AM to 10.AM) will be published result 2019.
Update 17-Apr-2019: (01.00 PM) 
In last year they was published result on April 18, 2019 (03.00 PM). May this time we have expected result date on today evening 03.00 Pm or 06.00 PM.
Update 19-Apr-2019: (10.37 AM)  
Dear candidates, Tn elections have been fully completed on yesterday i.e 18-April-2019. So Today we can expect result at 12.00 PM. In last Year Dote had published result for April 2018. So today result is conformed. 
Update 20-Apr-2019: (09.44 AM)  
All students who are worried about the result and result date of 2019. Here we can give all updates from Tndte on every day and every minute. But unfortunately the result is delay on every time. Because this month Tamilnadu government is conducting TN elections and TN 12th result 2019. So result is declaring late periods. And also an DOTE should be confirmed result date on today itself. Shorthand and Junior accountancy result will be published on today 12.00 PM or 03.00 PM.
Update 20-Apr-2019: (11.43 AM) 
Let's the countdown will be start to be checking result 2019 at 12.00 PM. 
Update April 20, 2019 (04.00 PM):  
My dear students, the DOTE have requesting and accepting letter of 5th batch in senior grades. So the result is due to postpone again at today 07.00 PM.
Update APR 22, 2019 
Yesterday, Dote was not completed and updated from 5th batch in senior grades. Because all typewrite institutions have fourth batch only. So yesterday TN dote has been completed in fifth batch. Today result is conformed by DOTE. The result time is 12.00 PM.
Update Apr 22, 2019 (04.40 PM):  
Dear New students, the web portal is couldn't be opening due to over heavy traffic on today i.e. April 22, 2019 date. And Tamilnadu typewriting associations are publishing result on tomorrow 06.00 Pm. The confirmation messages are, If server is an load or 503 forbidden for official site please reload or refresh the page to be getting results easily.
Update 23, April 2019 (04.30 PM)  
The result is confirming on today at intradote.co.in web portal. The official announcement was already notified on yesterday i.e. Apr 22, 2019. Now the students are checking results at 06.00 PM sharply.
Update 24, Apr 2019 (09.40 AM): (**Fresh Updates**) 
My dear students and viewers are really confusing about the result date. Here we have update result date on daily periods. But result will be postpone again and again. Yesterday we have a call for DOTE Tamilnadu Chennai. They have told, Result data is fully configure on Tndte IP. Maximum tomorrow we will upload and publish result in TNDTE server. So My dear students today DOTE will be declaring result at 12.00 PM.
Update 25, April 19 (10.30 AM): 
Really very sorry to be publishing tn DOTE result on this time. But the result date is April 12, 2019. Now April 25, 2019. So thirteen days are delaying results. Now today will publish result surely. The time is 12.00 PM to 03.00 PM.
Update 25-Apr-2019: (04.36 PM): (result is published) 
Happy news for all candidates, the result is published on today at 03.00 PM. Check the link and get results here.
Update 25-April-19: (05.15 PM)  
Some students who are not getting result. So students are mail us. Our admin will reply and give result data for all students.
Update 26-April-2019: (10.00 AM)
Dear candidates, the result is already published in official web portal. But students are couldn't seeing their results due to technical and traffic issue. If web server is open please follow our steps to be getting results early.
1. Go to
2. Select Feb result 2019
Result feb 2019

3. If click Result Feb option, it will show
service unavailable

4. So students are wait after 1 hour to be get results easily.
Update 27-Apr-2019 (08.00 AM):
Dear candidates, Some students are not getting results on yesterday and Today. Because the web portal has been show up "Service unavailable" and Loading. Today we will update for New website link i.e. tndtete.in
Update 04-May-2019 (05.30 PM):  
The result date is postpone on next day i.e. May 05, 2019 at 10.00 AM. So all visitors who are check and view your results at tomorrow. In case you have a any doubts from type writing result please feel free to mail us.
Update 24-May-2019:  
All My diploma and polytechnic college students, tndte will publish result on this week surely. The candidates are registered or given register number and DOB via our Mail ID. We will be send result status on your mobile or email. 
Update 24-May-2019 (11.15 AM):
The tnDOTE will announce results date on today at 06.00 PM.
How to view diploma result 2019?
1. Go to type intradote on google search
Intradote google

2. Click first URL i.e intradote.co.in
3. scroll and get result easily.
Update 28-May-2019 (11.00 AM):  
The result 2019 April is publishing at today 03.00 PM. The process is should be completed from 10 AM to 12 PM.
Update 29-May-2019 (06.00 PM):   
Sorry for delaying results on this time. Today DOTE will be surely publishing results at 10.00 PM. 
Update 30-May-2019 (04.00 PM):  
The server didn't responding on yesterday night at 10'O clock and today 10.00 AM. But we will update result on today 06.00 PM at intradote.tn.nic.in.
Update 31-May-2019 (09.00 AM):  
Hi My dear students, today server will update on 10.00 AM. So result is surely publishing on today at 12.00 PM.
Update 01-June-2019 (09.00 AM):   
Finally Dote will be confirming by result date. meebhoomi The original results date is 03-June-2019.
Update 03-June-2019 (07.00 AM):  
Good news for all diploma and polytechnic candidates, today Tndte gov is publish result at 10.00 AM sharply.
  Enter Your Register Number         (Link updated)
Note: If result server is not responding, please click and view below links:
Exam starts
Sep 01, 2021
Exam End
Sep 24, 2021
Type of exams
Theory & Practicals
Result Link

www.tndte.gov.in result 2021

Mostly the result will delay for every time. But still Tndte will update result date on quickly. Because more number of students were have written in this examinations. Already we had mentioned tndte result link on this web portal. In case result is not responding please go to view official site only. Every Year, TNDTE will conduct type writing examinations surely. The months are February and August. Also it is called as GTE.
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